Sunday, November 1, 2020

We've been in our house for a year now, and admittedly we haven't gotten around to nearly as many projects as we'd hoped to by now.  Shortly after moving in I got pregnant, and between a very taxing pregnancy, an active toddler, and a growing business, we just simply didn't have the time or energy! But despite all of the craziness 2020 has brought on and the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn, we've decided it's time to finally start tackling some of the projects on our list. Now that my husband is also working from home, making our office more functional has jumped to the top of that list!

Here is what the office looks like today (it's not pretty ha!):

As you can see, it needs a LOT of work!! But! One HUGE change we have made since moving in was putting up a wall behind where the table is. It used to be a railing looking up into the family room - it looked really strange and wasn't functional AT ALL. Here's a view from the family room on the day we moved in: 

See that weird double railing situation?? We've since walled the lower railing off and it looks MUCH better. And now that we have this walled in little nook in the office, it's opened up a world of possibilities for this tiny workhorse space! 

Instagram is always my go-to for inspiration when starting a new project, but Pinterest is equally as helpful.  If you're not following us on Pinterest you can do that here and today I thought I'd share some of the pins that are inspiring my ideas for the office.

We're very much in the beginning stages where we're trying to pinpoint what we'd like to do to improve the space not only functionally, but from a design standpoint as well. Right now my mind is going in a million different directions as I try to narrow my ideas down, and I'd love your thoughts and opinions! The only thing we know for sure is that we'll have a floating L-shaped desk where the table is and against the wall with the window. Other than that- we are open to alll the ideas!

My first debate: Do we stick to a light, neutral palette or go with a bold pop of color? 

Do we do floating shelves with an accent wall similar to this: 

Or do we include some cabinetry and make it all the same color??

Do we have floating shelves run across the entire length of the wall like this:

Or do we do shelves half of the way, and leave a section of wall where we could put a pinboard for notes, memos, etc?

We have a lot of decisions to make, and I'm anxious to get things going, so weigh in with your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!!


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