Sunday, January 26, 2020

We rang in 2020 with our first major DIY home project as official home owners in the loft, and boy has it been exciting!  It's hard to believe that in just one week our room went from this:
to this!!
We still have a lot we want to add to the room (curtains! a coffee table, a big cozy armchair, etc etc) but we couldn't be happier with the progress so far. And although the physical labor of painting, trim work and the picture ledge only took a week to do, I was mentally working on this room from the moment we walked through the house! I had a lot of different visions pass through my mind, but it wasn't until we ordered our Sixpenny sofa that the vision for this room really came to life. 
Buying a sofa can feel like a really big, scary commitment. I spent literally hundreds of hours over the last year researching every sofa on the market. I had a very specific vision in mind for what I wanted, and I didn't want to sacrifice comfort for style, or vice versa.  When my search led me to Sixpenny Home, the Gabriel Sofa checked literally EVERY box on my list!
First of all, I mean just look at this beauty!! The clean lines, slim arms and bench seat make it look super high end, yet it's extremely comfortable and can withstand the abuse of my active toddler. 
Secondly, one of the biggest issues I faced in my sofa hunt was with fabric selection. Many of the sofas that had the look I wanted were only offered in one fabric, and often not in a very family friendly option. Then there were some that offered multiple fabric options, but they didn't have a very large selection. I knew I wanted a warm, light gray fabric, and everything in my search was either too light, too dark, too cool, or not a material that I wanted.  But Sixpenny offers the most AMAZING fabric selection - all of the best materials and most dreamy color options you could imagine. I ordered a bunch of free samples and loved every single one.  We decided on Washed Cotton Linen in Blanched Almond, and it's the most gorgeous fabric I've ever seen. Very high quality, amazing feel, and family friendly!!
 Look at that gorgeous texture!!

And perhaps the best part of all?? I can throw the slipcovers in the wash when (not if) the day comes that my little man decides to spill something all over it. 
Plus, the 72" length was impossible to find in any other similar style, and this size is perfect for our cozy space. 

Overall, working with Sixpenny Home was an absolute dream, and the delivery process went so smoothly it left my husband and me with giddy smiles on our faces (which if you've ever had a bad furniture delivery experience, you know how big of a deal that is!). A sofa can be a big investment, but one that is definitely worth making. If you're in the market, I couldn't recommend Sixpenny enough! You can check out their entire collection here and let me know, which is your favorite??



  1. Looks so good Ally!! A good looking couch in family friendly fabric? That’s a total win-win! Love the paint color too.

  2. This room stopped me in my scroll ;) I love the look and description of this gorgeous couch. I’m always looking for furniture that’s dog friendly, and doesn’t sacrifice on looks. I also feel totally inspired by what you did with the molding and deep blue paint selection. Thank you!

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