Saturday, January 30, 2021

It's no secret that we're big fans of Instagram- it's an amazing platform that has allowed me to connect with others and start and grow my own business in ways I never could have dreamed of just five years ago. But I feel like I'm just starting to learn about the immense value of Pinterest! Pinterest is more than just a social media platform - it's a search engine!  It has the resources to help you answer unsolved problems and address the pain-points in your life. It's just a really great tool to learn and gain inspiration from! So at the end of each month I'm going to share my top 5 favorite pins of the month and why.

1. I feel like purple is a color most people shy away from in interior design, and I won't lie, the thought of purple usually makes me cringe. But these dusty purple cabinets are making me rethink purple in the best way! And those baskets in lieu of a traditional tile backsplash- so creative and interesting.

2. SO MUCH to love and dissect in this one photo! The gorgeous tile situation that extends to the front of the tub, the vintage dresser vanity (and all the heart eyes for the oversized KNOBS!) the dark penny tile floor and a peak of a vintage rug. So many good ideas.

3. Designer Chris Graves aimed for a "Wes Anderson meets Provencal" vibe in this gorgeous British walkout kitchen and I seriously couldn't love it more! Every detail is perfect and it's worth looking at the entire tour of this space for mega inspiration.

4. The asymmetrical photo gallery, the deflated woven pendants, the gorgeous color palette that immediately transports me to a breezy ocean view- I'm taking note of it all. 

5. And last but certainly not least, this design by Heidi Caillier is giving me all the feels. I'm debating whether to go dark in our basement, and it's hard to argue with the magic this moody space evokes!

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