Thursday, February 11, 2021


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we're gearing up to do a budget friendly "phase one" renovation of our laundry/mudroom. If you haven't seen that post you can check it out here! "Phase one" means we're making some easy, affordable changes to improve the functionality and aesthetic of the room to hold us over until we have the budge to fully gut and renovate in a year or two. For this phase one reno we're going to mainly rely on the power of PAINT!

Paint is one of the most affordable ways to makeover a space, but picking a paint color can be literal agony. Anybody with me on that?? We had paint swatches in our great room for almost a YEAR (no joke) until I finally found the *perfect* creamy white (stay tuned for a white paint roundup coming soon!). Picking a paint color can be tricky for many reasons: paint colors on a screen often look very different in real life! Paint colors will read completely different from home to home, room to room, and even hour to hour depending on the lighting in your home, your furnishings, flooring, etc. For example, half of our great room reads very warm due to windows and a big stretch of maple flooring, while the other half is more backlit and reads much cooler. So the same paint sample looked completely different on one half of the room than the other! 

Adding to the frustration is the fact that there are SO. MANY. COLORS. to choose from. And this is what had me stumped for our laundry room. As you all know, I love to mix lots of color and texture in my home through textiles and art. It's kiiiinda my thing hah. So in most areas of my home I stick to white paint so I can easily switch out the decor! But in smaller spaces like our laundry room, it can be really fun to incorporate color through paint. While trying to decide on a color to paint our cupboards, I considered the entire rainbow. Anything from a sunny chartreuse or a sagey green, to a terra cotta or salmon pink. But I was having a really hard time narrowing it down to "the one." 

Suddenly one day I realized I was totally overthinking it, and I had the inspiration I needed right in front of me - my closet!! I got this $5 boxy t-shirt a couple months ago in a dusty blue gray color and it's the first thing I want to put on in the morning. The other day when I was pulling it out for the third time that week (no judging haha) it hit me how much I LOVE this color. It's beautiful and calming and comfortable and I started noticing that most of my favorite items of clothing are different shades of dusty blue gray!

So here's my pro tip of the day: if you love wearing it, you'll love it in your home. That applies to paint colors, fabric types, and design styles! Is your go-to sweater made of organic cotton? Then you'll never tire of organic cotton pillows on your sofa! Is your closet full of color, or do you gravitate towards soft neutrals? Chances are you'll feel best if your interior design reflects the same. My closet is probably 87% stripes so it's no surprise I love to layer stripes on stripes on stripes in my home decor as well! 

So it's decided - the cabinets will be a dusty blue gray. This laundry/mudroom combo designed by Tim Barber Architects is confirming my decision and getting me reallllll excited to start painting!

Happy Valentine's/President's Day weekend friends! If you haven't shopped our sale, take a quick look in your closet and then be sure to check it out here and use code LOVE15 for 15% off your order!


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