Sunday, August 12, 2018

I am beyond excited to finallllly share baby boy's nursery with you!! I've shared some sneak peeks but on Instagram already, but this is where we can really delve into the details and I can share some of my favorite aspects with you.  It may not seem like much, but I've dreamed of designing a nursery for years and years and this was my first go at it! There's something so fun about nurseries- you can be playful, whimsical and incorporate things you wouldn't necessarily incorporate into the rest of your home. 

So with that, let's get into it!

The second that we found out we were having a boy, I knew the direction I wanted to take the nursery. I was inspired by burtsbrisplease boy's room- I loved the organic feel, with pops of red, green, natural woods and white. I already had a red chair from IKEA and right away decided that was my starting point. I loved the idea of having that big pop of juicy red in the corner of his room! 

The next thing I knew I had to have was these DIY curtains from Jenny Komenda. I followed her DIY tutorial, and here are some helpful tips I learned in the process:

-make your paint solution significantly darker than what you want the finished color to be.  At first I made my solution only a little darker than the color I wanted it to look in the end, and once applied to the fabric it lightened way too much, causing me the hassle of needing to do another coat. So bear in mind that the color will lighten a lot as the paint dries.

-Paint your lines thinner than what you want the end result to be, because the paint will spread.  If you want thin lines, barely touch the brush to the fabric - you'll be surprised by how much the paint will spread!

These curtains were really very easy to make and I am SO in love with how they turned out. They add the perfect touch of pattern and interest!

We're renting and unable to paint our walls, and our wall color is a tricky one to work with. In some light it's a pretty greige color, but add the wrong colors into the mix and the walls suddenly look horribly yellow.  I got this IKEA dresser which is SO affordable and comes in a beautiful, untreated wood that you can stain, paint or leave as is.  I wanted to go with a sage green and I can't even tell you the struggle I went through to pick the right color! One that wouldn't bring out the yellow in the walls.  In the end I decided on Field of Pines by Valspar. It's the most perfect shade of green, I could just stare at it for hours (and probably have ha!).

This last picture most accurately shows the color. S W O O N !

Now let's talk about this felt ball garland from Hello Maypole. I'd been struggling with what tones I would incorporate into the room due to the tricky wall color, but once I saw this garland it felt like destiny and suddenly everything clicked! This one garland ties everything in the room together seamlessly, and adds a playful element that I love so much! It's sooo much cuter in person, and Hello Maypole has tons of adorable combinations to choose from.

The nursery is a good sized room, but I knew having plenty of cute storage was a MUST. This natural cotton tassel basket from Lorena Canals is amazing.  It's big, beautiful, neutral, soft, and machine washable!!! And you know I can't turn down a good tassel!

One of my very favorite children's decor shops is Pehr. I've obsessed over their pom pom storage bins for ages and was crazy excited to finally have an excuse to get them! They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and are the perfect combination of stye and functionality.  I love having them sprinkled around the room, ready to collect anything from socks and swaddles, to dirty clothes and toys.

Storage Bins

From Pehr we also got this ridiculously cute mobile and few different styles of their crib sheets.  I've got to say, I always thought mobiles were mostly just for looking cute, but Ezra LOVES his mobile more than anything in the world. Like he reallllly, really loves it. If he's ever fussy and we can't calm him down we just lay him in his crib under his mobile and I swear to you he starts smiling and cooing every. time. It's hilarious and so so wonderful!

Crib Sheet

What's a nursery without some toys?? I shopped around a LOT and was really selective about what toys would be represented in Ezra's nursery.  I wanted to support small shops with a good vision and mission. Little Sapling Toys creates the most beautiful, quality wooden toys. I can't wait for Ezra to be old enough to play with them, but until then they look fabulous on display! And best of all: they plant a tree for every toy sold!

How cute is this wooden camera?!

The Stacking Rainbow is my fav, and every child needs a set of wooden blocks!

Another one of my favorite kids brands is Cuddle and Kind.  They make the most adorable, ethically produced, hand-knit dolls.  These dolls are made to last a lifetime and are oh so sweet. Plus, for every doll sold, they provide 10 meals to children in need. You just can't beat that.

Sebastian the Lamb, can you even handle how cute he is??

Finally, no nursery would be complete without some Collectiv Co. products! I will undoubtedly change up the pillows in Ezra's nursery allll the time, but you can never go wrong with velvet. So soft, plush and cozy and provides the perfect touch of color and texture. And our vintage Hmong lumbars are the perfect size for any chair and add extra support to mama's back.

Velvet Pillow

I'm also so excited to announce that this GORGEOUS indigo Dhurrie Rug will be available for purchase in the shop very, very soon!! My jaw literally hit the floor when I saw this beauty for the first time, and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it. A good rug has the power to complete a room, and that is what this rug did for Ezra's nursery. Stay tuned for more details on when you'll be able to purchase one for yourself!

All in all, we couldn't be more grateful for the newest member of our family, and that we were able to create a special place for him that we can all enjoy together. We spend a lot of time in his room because it's such a cheerful, peaceful place to be. And we were able to create it on a budget, using mainly furniture we already owned or that was handed down to us. By investing in a few inexpensive but meaningful and unique items like toys and textiles and other decor to dress up the space, we created bright and happy place where we love to be.




  1. THE cutest and happiest nursery! Can Jude and I move in with Ezra? Also, I’d like to bathe in that sage paint - that color is dreamy. I think you should start a kids collection and curate all of your amazing and cute kid finds!

  2. There is so much joy in this nursery! Love how you built your design and palette around that bright siren red. The garland ties that bold accent with the other softer colors around the room. And my 5-month old loves her Lucy the Lamb!

    Thank you for sharing!
    - Jessie @jessiemayf

  3. Congrats on your sweet son and beautiful nursery!
    I felt your pain with choosing a green accent paint for the dresser as I had gone thru the same for my daughter’s room. Well chosen, it turned out perfectly!

  4. I love that you went into so much detail! Very much appreciate knowing the exact paint colors, brands, and styles that you used. Sometimes designers can be a little stingy giving away their secrets - so thanks for being so open!!
    It ended up being adorable. The look is very unique and sweet for your little doll, Ezra.

  5. Love this nursery! A lot of inspiration for my 4th baby’s room. Gorgeous rug!
    Alissa @mrsalissadavis

  6. Love all the pops of color and how you made it so uniquely you! Nurseries are SO fun to design. We have recently decided to adopt and are currently working on the design for our nursery! Going with gender neutral since we won’t know the gender until close to time!

    -Jessica Dooley

  7. What a beautiful nursery! I love the choice of paint for the dresser, and the rug is gorgeous! We actually have the same mobile for our son Leo! ;) I really admire how you managed to pull off such an eclectic yet harmonious room. Ezra is a lucky guy!

  8. Loved this article! This nursery is so bright and cheerful! A lot different from the traditional soft tones which I love. I am especially fond of that Pom Pom garland. Well done! ��

  9. I love this, thank you for sharing! I had a hard time coming up with a theme for my sons nursery, as it seems like everything is arrows and grizzly bears lately, but your comment about being able to put the quirky things you love that don’t fit anywhere else in the house perfectly describes the sentiment that ended up giving us the best room in the house. Also appreciate seeing what you can do on a budget and if you are a renter!

    Thank you!
    Heather H @justlastnight

  10. What a darling room! I love the pops of color- such a happy space! I love those curtains- so perfect! Well done!!

  11. Sweet nursery. I'm out of my baby making days, but my oldest just married so I'm dreaming of a home-away-from-home grandbaby nursery. I appreciate all the resource links and idea details. I'm kind of pompom Garland obsessed too.

  12. What a beautiful nursery!! I love the color scheme so much.

  13. This is so lovely! I love how you painted the dresser and am obsessed with the color you chose!

  14. Everything is perfect!! Such a serene space but with some whimsy thrown in. Colors are perfect! Baby Ezra is perfecter!!!

  15. Just love all the pops of color in this space! Great work!

  16. Oooh I love this! It’s so bright and fun, but not overwhelming. Especially loving the curtains! And i’m So glad you tagged Little Sapling Toys! I’ve been scouting good wooden toys. Is the rainbow puzzle from them, too? I love it!

    -janelle @janelleandcoffee

  17. Absolutely beautiful room! I love that you went with the organic feel! And the pops of color are amazing! Literally just the perfect amount of pop! This makes me want to redo my kids’ room! If you have time, check out @woodengrove on IG- they have amazing growth charts!

    Lidiya Ervin- @lidiyaervin


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